Record label charges Runtown to Court Again.

For the second time in 2-years, Eric Many, the record label that signed Nigerian artist, Runtown has documented a directive at a Federal High court against the vocalist for rupture of agreement.

As indicated by an announcement the diversion organization served Runtown the court papers a couple of days back Suit No: FHC/L/CS/267/2018.

“Runtown has been intentionally rupturing his agreement with us (Eric Many) for some time and regardless of our numerous interests to him he has declined to swell. He went for a show in Las Vegas since January 13th, 2018 and has since chosen to pull back all commitments of his agreement. He has consistently been recording an album without the assent and endorsement of his record label,” the announcement read.

As per the Statement of Claim documented at the Federal High Court, by Eric Many. “a Recording Agreement was made between the Plaintiff and the Defendant dated 22nd June 2016, the copyright and other licensed innovation and related rights and legitimate positions and securities relevant to all works done by the Defendant amid an underlying time of two years secured by the Agreement, is vested in the Plaintiff.

“The Plaintiff will rely on a copy of the said Recording Agreement at trial. 7. Under the Agreement, parties recognize and acknowledge the sum of N114,456,670.00 (One Hundred and Fourteen Million, Four Hundredand Fifty Six Thousand,Six Hundred and Seventy Naira) as “Prior Investment”, representing the sum invested by the Plaintiff into the development of the Defendant’s musical works and records under the defunct ‘Artiste Agreement’, precursor to the ‘Recording Agreement”.

In the press explanation issued today, the label likewise expresses that, “he’s recording with artists like Del’B without the composed endorsement of the label and without an Eric Many nominee at the purpose of recording as concurred in our agreement. Runtown has likewise been showing up in settings and gathering appearance fees without the endorsement of the label and furthermore performing in private shows without the name’s assent which negates condition 4.4.1 of his record bargain which expresses that ‘the Defendant(Runtown) can just participate in recording, teaming up or performing with different artistes for outsiders or other record organizations upon appropriate notification ahead of time to the Plaintiff. Upon this notification, the Plaintiff would then go into a concurrence with the teaming up artiste or his record organization to guarantee that the Plaintiff and the Defendant get appropriate credit, lawful/copyright security and pay for the cooperative work”.

Runtown’s arrangement with Eric Many is set to terminate on June 22, 2018, however as per the name, the vocalist is as yet obliged to them.

It peruses: ‘Hundreds of millions in Naira from the Lamborghini Gallardo super-fast car which despite everything he needs to pay back to the label and furthermore an album that must be release through the correct channels. He has been doing various joint efforts with a few specialists without getting the composed endorsement of the mark and subsequently, no sovereignties have returned to the name from any of these coordinated efforts. He has been cautioned severally about this on various events yet he declined to tune in, so we as the name needed to go to court to prevent him from these questionable activities’.

The name likewise claim to have sacked his present director, Ifeanyi Nwunne saying, “Eric Many has additionally terminated Ifeanyi Nwunne as Runtown’s chief. He is all the more a medication junkie that smokes pot round the clock. Another director will be delegated soonest’.”

Eric Many in its announcement of claim is looking for the entirety of “N65 MILLION being General Damages against the Defendant (Runtown) for the Plaintiff for encroachment of the Plaintiff’s copyright to the community melodic works “Call Me” and “End of the week” both of which highlighted the Defendant and in addition N5 MILLION as expenses of this activity”. “Eric Many has kept down on anything relating to Runtown,till assist examinations. This implies any individual who connects with Runtown without a composed endorsement from Eric Many, marked by the director, will be sued intensely.

This will be the second time in two years that Runtown has needed to go head to head with his name. In May 2016, he was sued in the Federal High Court by Eric Many on assertions that he joins, closes and goes to melodic shows without the information of the mark. In those days, Eric Many additionally secured a court directive preventing Runtown from executing as an artiste anyplace on the planet. The case was in the long run settled out of court.

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