Eladon – ”The Industry’s Greatest Nightmare”


After the Social media outburst and recognition for
dropping several freestyles and hit banger track “Waya level”
The Fast rising Rapper “Eladon de Hybrid” also known as “Eyan Kanka” needs no further introduction.As the ”Dope flows rapper” with lots of respect for culture and rap tradition
with his non relenting spirit is taking the industry with storm and invasion
sending Messages to the Industry Mediocre to excuse themselves from tarnishing and manipulating the Great legacy of Good music 
because the Industry’s “Greatest Nightmare” has arrived.

Now its no news the rapper is ready to take his place in the  Industry Hall of Fame alongside great artists and good music producers.
Keep your eyes on Eladon de Hybrid as the Greatest Nightmare  will be here to disturb the Music scenes for a very long time.
In his recent freestyle ”Real Talk” the rapper bottled up his feelings in his lyrics to address the government negligence towards the Music Industry.
WATCH BELOW A short lyrics video from Waya Level.
Twitter – @Eladon_dehybrid

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